CoreWeb Networks: Forerunners in Bulk SMS Service

It is basically an industrial or cautionary practice where a humongous magnitude of SMS messages are sent to mobile network terminals. From here on the individual networks forward it to all their customers. It is generally used by: •Media houses •Business houses •Consumer Brands •Banks It is generally used for; •Advertisement •Marketing •Fraud Control •Alerts •Communication between a service provider and customer Now, a new entrant in the elite group of bulk SMS senders is the chunk of educational institutions is it Aakash, Allen, Resonance or FIITJEE. Special software has to be purchased for this purpose as normal bulk SMS provider do not allow bulk messaging service. This software will allow you to add as many numbers as per your wish. On extra payment, they also check if any number appears twice! Application Programming Interfaces used by bulk messaging software: •Email •HTTP( Hypertext Transfer Protocol) •FTP( File Transfer Protocol) •SMPP( Short Message Peer to Peer) There are…

CoreWeb Networks: Best Bulk SMS provider in Delhi

Are you based in Delhi? Do you need a bulk SMS provider in Delhi? Then search no more because we have the best option ready for you- CoreWeb Networks is striving hard in this field for your benefit and to give you the best deals in bulk SMS in Delhi! CoreWeb Networks is a leading bulk SMS provider of Delhi specializing in bulk SMS marketing or promotional bulk messages.
Below we are listing the deals we are rolling out and we’ll see if you can resist contacting us after these mind-boggling deals:
1.Bulk SMS for promotional purposes with sender ID (without DND) – 11 paise per SMS 2.Bulk SMS for promotional purpose with sender ID (Open Source) – 14 paise per SMS Extra 185 GST applicable! In fact, you can create a demo account with us for a trial run. You can inquire about the different plans, deals and costs on the following number:+919899098962 We also have a plethora of plans and discounts for you in our transactional SMS packages. Leading banks, schools, educational institutions and …

Reasons why one should go for bulk SMS provider

Well for someone with a business to promote on a wide scale, bulk SMS service can definitely put you to the right path. Not only will this service help you achieve what is needed to get to your goal, but is one of the most economical ways available in the market today. With the Increased competition it is wise if you hire a professional and experienced bulk SMS service Provider and you will definitely not regret this decision. Even today, SMS is one of the most Effective mode of communication as every person owns a mobile phone. In this piece of article you will find some of the most convincing reasons why people tend to go for bulk SMS marketing .
Benefits of bulk SMS service - There are many reasons that will prove to you why bulk SMS marketing is a good idea for your Business. First of all in comparison to a traditional method of phone call marketing, SMS are Easier to send and are evidently instantaneous. Secondly, SMS reached to users irrespective of The location and time. Also in case the m…

How to Make Your Bulk SMS Campaign successfully

Long past are the days whilst businesses used to depend only on pamphlets and billboards and used to wander from area to location for advertising and marketing their state-of-the-art launches and promotional gives. With bulk SMS advertising and marketing, they could reach their clients in only a few moments. Neither they want to spend in bulk amount, nor do they want to tour places to seize the eye in their clients. With simply an SMS, businesses can directly ping their clients as and once they want and tell them about their today's launches, schemes, and gives. The appearance of advertising has changed a lot over a period of time and many state-of-the-art ways have come up to reach the target market. SMS advertising and marketing is one in every of them, which makes it very simple to make your customers aware about the present day news and happenings and that too at a smaller budget.

Bulk SMS ensures short conversion of income leads into a worthwhile enterprise. If you wish to b…