CoreWeb Networks: Forerunners in Bulk SMS Service

It is basically an industrial or cautionary practice where a humongous magnitude of SMS messages are sent to mobile network terminals. From here on the individual networks forward it to all their customers.
It is generally used by:
    Media houses
    Business houses
    Consumer Brands
It is generally used for;
    Fraud Control
    Communication between a service provider and customer
Now, a new entrant in the elite group of bulk SMS senders is the chunk of educational institutions is it Aakash, Allen, Resonance or FIITJEE.
Special software has to be purchased for this purpose as normal bulk SMS provider do not allow bulk messaging service.
This software will allow you to add as many numbers as per your wish. On extra payment, they also check if any number appears twice!
Application Programming Interfaces used by bulk messaging software:
    HTTP( Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
    FTP( File Transfer Protocol)
    SMPP( Short Message Peer to Peer)
There are two types of bulk messages usually sent out:
1.    Transactional Messages
These entail useful and meticulously detailed information about a product used by people who are already your customers.
-    Message sent to an account holder by bank
-    Message sent by the mobile network provider to the customer regarding postpaid or prepaid bill
2.    Promotional Messages:
These are purely for the promotion of a product or service. These usually include sales or marketing messages.

-    Message sent out by travel agent about their discount on flight ticket purchases
-    KFC and Pizza Hut messages regarding different offers on different days of the week
And Coreweb is a forerunner in this field!!!
It is a famed bulk SMS provider in Delhi dealing in the designing and maintenance of websites. Not only that, they are forerunners in the fields of domain registration and web hosting. In fact, if you face any problem with your website, this is the first number you want on speed dial!
But Bulk SMS has skyrocketed their fame with their mind-blowing bulk SMS service! Did you know they are the only bulk SMS service provider to launch their own messaging software?
And because of this, they provide Bulk SMS service for a song!
They mainly deal with marketing messages and you can send a huge volume of messages at a greatly discounted price!
Their USP is the fact that the tools used to forward such messages are very easy to use and would be a piece of cake even for a child! They have an online panel for their users and customers where they provide Excel sheets and all the customer needs to do is input a million numbers they want to send the message to! And the very same portal can be conveniently used to access the report of message delivery!
And if you were worried about the heavy traffic, don’t any more cause we have the software and means to tackle such loads!
And the icing on the cake! 100% delivery!


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